Useful Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Roof

With the winter season already here, it’s important to ensure your home is kept in good condition to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. Your roof, in particular, plays a major role in keeping your home warm and cozy, which is why it needs to be checked and maintained even during the winter months. 

Useful Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Roof

As a trusted specialist in residential steel roofs, Oberg Roofing & Remodeling shares some useful maintenance tips for your roof this season:

Remove the Snow on Your Roof

The falling snow in Sauk Rapids can sometimes make your roof look picture-perfect, but it can also be damaging if it’s not addressed soon. Snow and ice create a heavyweight on your roof, which can potentially lead to major damage.

While water on a roof is almost common in the area, it’s the re-freezing that can create additional problems. When the precipitation on your roof melts, it hardens back up again (usually overnight), resulting in an ice dam in or around your gutters. This backs up any runoff precipitation, which can loosen your shingles or even create a leak.

Make sure to remove all ice and snow from your roof as quickly and thoroughly as possible to keep it dry for longer. The conditions often make the surfaces slippery, so for your safety, be sure to hire a trusted roof replacement contractor to get the job done.

Remove All Debris

While your roof should be checked periodically throughout the year for debris, the unpredictable winter weather can sometimes require more than the usual. If left unaddressed, debris on your roof interferes with water running down the gutters and spouts, which can lead to pooling, damage, and leaks. When checking your gutters, make sure to check the drains and spouts for obstructions that can block water flow. 

Make the Necessary Repairs

Before the winter weather gets more intense, it’s best to get your roofing system repaired. For instance, your flashing may have warped or loosened over the years, which allows for snow and water to enter your roof’s inner structure. Your shingles may need some attention as well, especially if they’re curling or peeling. If you’re already having these problems on your roof, call your trusted roofing contractor immediately.

With quality services offered by Oberg Roofing & Remodeling, you can be confident that you’re working with one of the best roofing companies in Sauk Rapids and nearby MN areas. Call us today at (320) 204-2264 through our online contact form to get started!

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