Oberg Awards MN & ND 2022 BBB Spark Award, Best of St Cloud -Roofing Contractor 2022, Best Of Central MN Finalist 2022 (Home Repair/Remodeling Contractor)

We have been fortunate enough to be recognized for many awards this year


Oberg is dedicated to continuous growth and maintaining a strong focus on customer satisfaction and improvement. We are committed to continuously growing and prioritizing customer satisfaction while striving for excellence in the roofing industry. Our main focus is on enhancing our communities and surpassing expectations.

Inspect, Correct, and Protect

here at oberg we are determined to give yo quality service all the time. everytime!


BBB Spark Award Winners

The BBB Spark Awards for Entrepreneurship celebrates emerging entrepreneurial businesses whose leaders demonstrate a high level of character, generate a culture that is authentic about its mission and genuinely connects with their community.