Other Services

Here are some extra services Oberg offers!


Decks & Patios 


Catch All System 


Attic Insulation 


Interior Remodeling 


You put a lot of money and sweat equity into your lawn and beautiful landscape.  The last thing you want is a construction crew stepping on your roses.  Right? 

We have a way to mitigate that!  Our  “Catch All “ system protects not only your home but grass & landscape during roofing projects. It’s a carefully set up series of nets that protect the expensive landscape without burning the grass or vegetation from the sun. It also protects the house from scuffs or black marks from the shingles being removed.

How does it work? The Catch All Crew will show up early to set the netting in place around your home, landscape and yard.  These nets will collect debris that is falling off the roof so it does not hit your home, leave nails behind or damage your  landscape and grass.  Having these nets in place makes for a quicker clean up at the end of the project as well.  

Once you’ve had our crew out and they utilize these steps to protect your yard and home, you’ll understand why it is an asset for you as well as for our crews!  Take a look at this video and it’ll walk you through it. Still have questions, give us a call.