The Misconceptions About Commercial Roofs

It is easy for people to assume how roofs are alike, specifically commercial ones. However, this home feature is one of the most complex parts of your property. While it is essential to be aware of each of its layers, it is also necessary to understand how they should be treated. Your trusted steel roofs installer will debunk commercial roofing myths you should stop buying in this post. 

The Misconceptions About Commercial Roofs
  • “Anyone can install or repair a commercial roof.” One thing you should never forget is that if you consider DIY, failing to perform the task correctly is highly likely. Always ensure that professionals do roof-related fixes to avoid improper repairs and overspending. It should be noted that commercial roofing systems are unique and are often flat. This kind of roofing system is more complicated to install and even repair, and it takes an experienced crew to maintain them properly.
  • “The more insulation you have, the better.” Insulation is a critical factor to prioritize, given that this helps explicitly resist airflow through the surfaces of your home. However, too much insulation is harmful to your roof’s overall functionality. Roofing companies say the excess insulation will only trap moisture and damage the substrate. Plus, a dark and moist environment is perfect for mold and mildew growth. 
  • “Commercial roofs automatically lower energy costs.” All commercial roofs are made with different materials, features, and levels of energy efficiency. This suggests some would lower energy costs, while others won’t significantly make a difference.
  • “Covering damaged shingles with new ones will fix it.” If your shingles cause your damaged system, it is essential to have these immediately replaced. Your shingles are your system’s protective sheets, and their overhangs regulate the temperature entering your home. 
  • “Commercial roofs do not need regular upkeep.” No matter what kind of system you own, maintenance is critical of its longevity. Keep in mind that most warranties indicate how this should be done. In most cases, failing to do so may even void your coverage.

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