Benefits of Steel Roofs

A steel roof is a sensible option when considering a roof replacement this fall. It can, in fact, give you more benefits than other conventional roofing materials like asphalt, wood and tile. Learn about its key features and how it can help protect your home throughout the cooler fall and winter months.

Reasons to Consider a Steel Roof This Fall

Various Types of Steel Roofing

Due to its lower cost, steel is the most frequently used material in both residential and commercial applications, including roofing. It can be treated to create various types of metal roofing. This includes galvanized steel, which has a zinc coating applied to the carbon and iron steel base through the hot-dipping process. The same base can be applied with an aluminum and zinc alloy coating to create galvalume steel.

The Upsides of Steel Roofs

Steel roofs are better choices for roof replacement this fall for various reasons. With the upcoming chillier winter months ahead, having a roofing material that can easily shed snow is important. A large part of it is due to how they are installed. The panels are placed over rigid foam with high R-values to facilitate insulation and encourage ice melt. It also helps that the dark tones of the steel surface help warm and melt the snow quickly with the aid of the sun’s heat.

Another notable reason to choose steel as a roofing material is its capability to ensure energy efficiency and indoor comfort. The early onset of fall can be as brutally hot as the previous summer and having a roof that can reflect radiant heat back rather than absorb it inside your home is imperative. With proper installation and insulation, you can save energy without relying too much on your HVAC for heating and cooling.

With regular upkeep, a steel roof can last as long as your home. It repels water, withstands high winds and melts snow while being resistant to fire, insects and rot. Plus, it is virtually low maintenance. Indeed, many roofing companies recognize the key features and benefits of a steel roof in keeping the home protected all year round.

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