Color Psychology: Picking the Right Colors for Your Home

Color particularly the colors you choose for the interior of your home, plays a huge role in your day-to-day life. Aside from being a reflection of your unique personality, the colors in and around your home greatly affect your general mood and even your energy levels. While there is no right or wrong color for a particular room as it is largely a personal choice, in today’s post, a roof replacement expert explains the psychology behind colors and what certain colors can do to promote certain feelings. 

Color Psychology: Picking the Right Colors for Your Home

Warm Colors

Colors that are considered “warm” are those found in the red area of the color spectrum. These warm colors generally evoke feelings of warmth and happiness. Red, for instance, is the most intense color and provokes a feeling of power and passion. Orange, on the other hand, is the most energetic color and can bring on feelings of enthusiasm and excitement. 

Cool Colors

Cool colors include green, blue, and purple. Even roofing companies understand the importance of color psychology and will not recommend a roof color lightly. Your roofer may suggest a green-colored roof, for example, to promote restfulness and relaxation. 

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors include black, white, grey, and sometimes brown and beige. In an interior setting, these are considered classics because you simply can never get tired of them. Black and white create a timeless elegance that suits any type of room while shades of brown are the color of traditional comfort.

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