Shingle Blow-Offs: Common Causes and Fixes

You must contact a professional immediately if you notice something wrong with your roof. A problem that especially requires immediate action is shingle blow-off. Dealing with this issue as soon as you can will help delay the need for a roof replacement.  

Shingle Blow-Offs: Common Causes and Fixes

Keep reading to find out what usually causes shingles to fall off.  

Old Age

It’s normal for roofing materials to deteriorate as they age, but other factors can also affect their lifespan. For instance, roofs constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions can fail earlier than others. Moreover, adhesive seals keeping the shingles in place can wear off over the years. Loose or missing shingles are often a sign your roof is nearing the end of its life. 

Improper Installation

Shingle blow-offs are common in poorly installed roofs. Experienced roofing companies know the appropriate nails and techniques to prevent this issue. You should carefully choose the contractor you will hire for your roof installation or replacement project. 

Weather Extremes

Roofing shingles can usually withstand damage from winds between 110 to 130 mph. Damage can occur if your roof gets hit by winds stronger than it is rated for. After weather extremes like hurricanes or tornadoes, it isn’t uncommon to find shingles that have fallen to the ground. If this happens, call a reputable roofer promptly for repairs.

Damaged Roof Decking

Between the shingles and the roof’s structure is the decking. This component is usually made of plywood sheathing, OSB board, corrugated metal or another durable material. It provides added protection against roof leaks and moisture damage. Once it develops issues or warps, shingle nails can become loose and pop. If this happens, high winds can easily tear shingles from the roof. 

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