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Top 3 Benefits of a Steel Roof

What kind of roof material should you use for your roof replacement project? It depends on a lot of factors but it mostly boils down to determining what features you want to prioritize. For example, if you value energy efficiency, reliability, durability and longevity, then a steel roof might be right for you. Learn more about the features and benefits of steel roofs here:

What Makes a Steel Roof a Good Idea for Your Home?

Steel Roofs Are Durable

Steel is sturdier than other metal roofing types like aluminum. It is heavy and strong so it can withstand a variety of harsh weather conditions. Steel roofs also frequently have finishings and coatings that protect them from corrosion or rust. For example, steel can be zinc-coated and sealed for corrosion protection or it can be coated with epoxy primer. In addition, we install our steel roofs with interlocking panels that make it nearly impossible for moisture to enter your roof’s structure.

Steel Roofs Last Long

A steel roof that is correctly installed can protect a home for a lifetime. A steel roof can withstand high winds, easily shed snow and seal out water. Steel won’t deteriorate or get damaged from moisture and often has coatings that protect against corrosion and rust. This is why many manufacturers back their steel roofs with 50-year warranties. As an expert in steel roofs, we can recommend and install the steel roof product that lasts long and is best suited to your area’s climate.

Steel Roofs Are Environmentally Friendly

Steel roofs reflect radiant heat from the sun and minimize midday heat gain. This causes your attic to be less hot, making it easier for your HVAC to keep your interior cool and comfortable. Some steel roofs can also be installed over insulation that has high R-values. A steel roof can have a high amount of recycled content and it is recyclable at the end of its service life.

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