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Stone-Coated Steel Roof: A Look at Its Advantages

Roofing systems need to offer reliable, consistent protection from weather and other elements. At the same time, they must also need to last as long as possible, maintaining its appearance throughout the duration of their life span. You can get both of these qualities in a stone-coated steel roof.

Stone-Coated Steel Roof: A Look at Its Advantages

Oberg Roofing & Remodeling Inc., one of the top roofing companies in the area, discusses this type of roofing material and its advantages.

Distinct, Versatile Roofing Option

Considered as one of the most reliable roofing options available, the stone-coated steel roof comes in a wide variety of styles and designs to give any home a boost in terms of curb appeal. Formed into shakes, tiles, or shingles, it mimics the prime look of clay tiles, slate, and architectural shingles. In fact, it so closely resembles the real thing that it’s almost impossible to recognize that the material is made of metal.

Minimal Maintenance

The good thing about these steel roofs is that they will continue to look new for many years, even without the need for maintenance. Invest in this roofing material and you can be sure your home achieves long-lasting protection against the elements.

Easy-to-Install Roofing Material

A stone-coated steel roof is lightweight, weighing at about one and a half pounds per square foot. Other roofing products reach up to 10 pounds per square foot. This makes it easy to install over existing roofing systems. Being lightweight also eases the structure’s stress on the trusses and frames, which then reduces the likelihood of further damage to your home.

High Performance

Stone-coated steel roofs provide exceptional performance, especially when it comes to weather resistance. Thanks to their composition and interlocking design, they are able to resist wind-driven rain, as well as high-wind pressures of over 120 miles per hour. Moreover, it is highly durable, which means it won’t break, curl, crack, warp, or absorb water.

When you are in the market for a durable roof, we recommend Boral® stone-coated steel. With a class four hail rating, 50-year warranty, and a high wind rating, you can’t go wrong with this roof over your Minnesota home.

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