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Winter Gutter Maintenance: 4 Tips to Keep in Mind

Doing maintenance chores in the middle of winter is hardly appealing but it must be done if you want to avoid expensive repairs down the line due to damage from the harsh cold season. Winter gutter maintenance on steel roofs is best carried out before the cold sets in, but it’s also better late than never, so here are some tips to help you get started. 

Winter Gutter Maintenance
  1. Clear Debris – The most important but also the most unpleasant gutter maintenance task, clearing debris has to be done to prevent clogs from forming. Pay attention to seams and corners where leaves may gather to ensure the snowmelt is properly directed away from your home.
  1. Assess Hangers and Seams – Make sure your gutters are still firmly attached to your home by checking for gaps between the trough and your fascia. It’s critical that your gutters are securely attached because they might have to bear heavier loads due to snowfall.
  1. Check for Structural Damage – From the ground, give your gutter system a thorough check, looking out for stains, rot and other forms of moisture damage. If you spot damage, call a gutter and roof replacement pro right away to have it fixed.
  1. Inspect Diverters and Downspouts – To be properly directed away from your home, water should be drained at least 10 feet away on a downward slope from your foundation.   

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