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Why Spring Cleaning Tasks Should Include Gutter Maintenance

For many homeowners across the country, springtime is all about tackling important tasks around the house that you typically can’t get to during the rest of the year. In fact, according to the American Cleaning Institute, over 75 percent of Americans participate in annual spring cleaning activities. But with all the work that needs doing, sometimes people forget about one of the most important exterior components of their home—their gutters.  

Why Spring Cleaning Tasks Should Include Gutter Maintenance

In today’s post, a local roof replacement company explains why you should not neglect your gutters during your yearly spring rituals.

Why You Should Clean Your Gutters in the Spring

If you allow your gutters to become clogged with fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris, rainwater from your roof can build up in your gutters with nowhere to escape. When this happens, water can find its way into your roof and the walls of your home. This could result in severe water damage and also lead to mold growth. 

Gutters that are choc-full of leaves also make an ideal home for pests. Insects and small rodents such as ants, wasps, mice, and squirrels typically look for new homes during spring and, according to roofing companies, one of their favorite spots to build their nests are clogged gutters.   

This may not seem like a big deal since they are outside, right? Unfortunately, once pests get into your gutters, they can easily find their way into the inside of your house. To prevent pests from settling in, be sure to clean out your gutters this coming spring.

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