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What to Do with Damaged Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is the material placed in areas of the roof that are most prone to leaks and other forms of damage. These are usually joints that connect various components with the roof, such as chimneys, vents and skylights. Its role is primarily to drive water away from these leak-prone areas, towards the gutters or off the roof.

This material is important in maintaining a healthy roof. One of the most common risks involving the roof is a leak around faulty flashing. Oberg Roofing & Remodeling Inc., one of the most trusted roofing companies in the region, tells us why.

What Causes Faulty Flashing?

While flashing is generally designed to be tough, it can still warp, crack and create blow-offs where the material is torn away completely. Some of the things that increase risks include:

  • Poorly executed repairs – As a vital part of the roofing system, flashing must be repaired professionally, with the right sealant, nails, laps, and more. It’s easy to make mistakes when working on the strips of metal and forget components if you have no prior knowledge of installing this material. The result is a repair that will only cause more problems in the future.

  • Age and exposure – Age eventually wears down the roof, including its flashing. Flashing may warp through temperature fluctuations and develop rust and residue. It’s important to consider roof replacement when this happens.

  • Winter problems – Ice and snow can pile up by flashing, resulting in moisture seeping under the strips or flashing to freeze.

Addressing Flashing Problems

When leaks go unnoticed for too long, the drywall can be soaked. This should be a cause for concern, as it means your drywall may eventually collapse due to water damage. Keep your home safe by preventing leaks and making sure your flashing is always in top shape. Be proactive when it comes to roof repairs and maintenance. Getting regular inspections from a professional can help catch minor issues before they turn into costly repairs.

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