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What Happens During a Roof Inspection?

Thinking of having your roof inspected? There are things you need to keep in mind to prepare you and your home for the inspection. In this post, local roof replacement contractor Oberg Roofing & Remodeling shares an idea of what happens during a roof inspection. 

Roof Inspection

Interior Roof Inspection

There are problems with the roof that can be identified from the inside of the attic. Contractors usually check a few things in the attic when performing an interior roof inspection. 

  1. The insulation of your house will be checked. Improper insulation damages your roof. It may allow heat into the attic during the winter, which can cause the snow on your roof to melt. Too much water could potentially lead to leaks.
  2. This is why they check for leaks too. Leaks can result in potentially serious water damage. They also lead to areas where the roof is damaged. Signs of water leakage inside the house indicate that there is already damage in your roof.
  3. Roofing companies will also check for proper ventilation in your home. Without proper ventilation, there may be a moisture build-up. This may result in mold, mildew, and eventually rot. These damages inside can compromise the structure and strength of your roof.
  4. They check for holes and damages in the attic. Structural damage can be seen inside if natural light is showing through the roof.  Roof sagging can also be observed inside.

Exterior Roof Inspection

It is important to leave exterior roof inspection to professionals, as safety, proper training, and license are all required for an exterior roof inspection. 

  1. The exterior inspection includes checking your roof’s flashing. This is to make sure that it’s properly installed and in good condition. Flashing affects the condition of your roof as it prevents water from leaking into its open areas.
  2. The inspector will also check your roof’s material. Steel roofs or shingles, the inspector will check the condition of your roof based on its material. They have to make sure that there is nothing loose, missing, or damaged. 
  3. Gutters should also be in good shape. The inspector will see if there are any shingle granules collecting in the gutters. Loose shingle granules are usually an indication that the roof’s shingles are wearing down and need to be replaced.

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