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Roofing Repair FAQs, Answered by Experts

The roof is a critical component of your home. From insurance phone calls to persisting roof leaks and suspicious patches of mold on the ceiling, there can be a lot to digest when it comes to understanding your roof’s overall condition. It’s a subject matter that can pose challenges to many homeowners, and naturally, there are a few questions that will come up time and time again. To help you navigate your concerns, roof replacement Oberg Roofing and Remodeling Inc. answers your most pressing roofing questions.

“Is it necessary to replace my roof when it’s leaking?”

Not all leaking roofs need to be replaced, especially if the structural integrity of your roof is still intact. Unless the roof is already approaching the end of its service life, some missing or cracked shingles can be repaired and replaced without stripping off the entire roof covering. If there are multiple leaks on different areas of the roof, better to ask for professional advice from local roofing companies.

“Can I repair the roof myself?”

While some small roofing repair jobs can be handled by homeowners, replacing a roof undergoes a complex process that will require help from experienced professionals. Contractors spend years on education, training, and certifications to have a competent understanding of different roofing systems and how mechanical components perform together. Hiring professional  roofing companies will also grant you warranty coverage on materials and installation, saving you on maintenance costs in the long run.

“What is a roofing underlayment?”

A roofing underlayment is installed directly beneath the shingles. It’s applied to the plywood or deck of your roof to serve as an additional barrier against water infiltration. Low-sloped steel roofs and other high water risk areas of your home should have an underlayment.

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