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Roof Maintenance Myths and the Facts Behind Them

A well-maintained roof usually lasts longer and they often deliver better performance than neglected roofs. However, it’s important to note that there is a proper way of maintaining roofs and you have to observe this during the upkeep of your own roof system. 

Unfortunately, some homeowners have the wrong idea when it comes to maintaining their roofs, and this keeps them from properly caring for their roofing.

In today’s post, roof replacement expert Oberg Roofing & Remodeling shares the facts behind some common misconceptions about roof maintenance.

Modern Roofs Are Maintenance-Free

Roof systems have come a long way, and manufacturers have made these materials more durable, energy-efficient and longer-lasting. But we have yet to see a roof that’s completely maintenance-free. That said, although a particular roof is known for being low-maintenance, make sure that it is given proper care on a regular basis. 

Roof Warranty Covers All Roofing Issues

The length of warranty coverage for steel roofs may be different from, say, asphalt shingles. But generally, roof warranties only cover manufacturer defects and workmanship. Regular wear and tear and damage due to lack of maintenance are usually not covered. So make sure that you’re informed and aware of your responsibilities when it comes to your roofing. This way, you can ensure the validity of your roof warranty will remain intact.

Power Washing Is an Effective Way to Clean Roofs

Power washing may seem like a quick way to clean your roof. However, roofers do not recommend this as the tool uses too much pressure, which could force water under the roof shingles. When moisture lingers in these areas, it could eventually lead to mold and mildew growth.

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