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Questions to Ask a Window Replacement Contractor

Asking the right questions can help ensure a productive consultation with a window replacement contractor. It’s more than just choosing options from a contractor’s checklist – it’s about finding the right windows that your home needs. Oberg Roofing & Remodeling shares practical questions you should ask a window replacement contractor before hiring them. 

Questions to Ask a Window Replacement Contractor

What Window Styles Do You Offer?

A good window replacement contractor should have a wide selection of standard and specialty window styles that will cater to every home style. Whether you already know which windows you like or are still exploring options, you’ll have an idea of what a contractor can offer when it’s time to make your choice. In addition to a wide selection of window styles, a contractor should provide options like colors and finishes, insulated glass, and customization, including combining multiple windows together.

How Long Will the Installation Take?

Window installation timelines vary depending on factors like the number of windows to be replaced, whether the windows will be standard or bespoke units and even the local weather forecast. A good window replacement company should be able to give you a realistic estimate –  not a hard deadline – which accounts for delays before and during installation.

Can You Describe the Installation Process?

One of the best things about window replacement, with the right process, is that it can be done virtually any time of the year – even in the middle of the winter season. This is done by replacing the windows room by room. Isolating each area of the house helps keep air leaks and heat loss to a minimum, as well as reduces the risk of dust and pollen infiltration. Installing windows the traditional way – that is, removing all existing windows at once – is not ideal and should only be done in new houses.

Can I Have a Written Quote or Estimate?

Never hire a contractor who cannot or outright refuse to provide a written quote. A trustworthy contractor should have no problems providing these documents. Nowadays, it’s easy to draw a digital version of an estimate on the spot, and if you accept the terms, you can likewise sign it digitally or wait for a physical copy.

Just as important is being aware of pressure tactics employed by unscrupulous contractors. Asking you to sign an estimate before a certain date to get a low price is one such scheme. You should be given a reasonable amount of time to review the document, ask questions and make revisions before applying your signature.

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