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Metal Roofs and Homeowners’ Associations: What You Need to Know

Metal roofs are great but not everyone is a fan, including many Homeowners’ Associations. Unfortunately, if you are interested in a metal roof replacement for your home, this may put you at odds with your HOA. Fortunately, it’s not always the end of the road right away. What can you do?  

Metal Roofs and Homeowners’ Associations

Here’s what you need to know:

Be Mindful of Guidelines and Deadlines

To be sure what your HOA will and will not allow, make sure you get a copy of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions it follows. Different HOA will have different CC&Rs in place so make sure you get what applies to your neighborhood. For easy reference, there will be a list of roofing materials and colors approved for use by your HOA.

Take note as well that HOAs typically meet once a month to discuss matters. If you fail to submit your paperwork in time for this meeting, you may have to wait for the next one for your metal roofing request to be tackled. Make sure you also have a sample from reputable roofing companies to show HOA members and support your request.

Make the Case for Metal Roofing

You’re already sold on getting metal roofing so it’s up to you to make the case for it and convince your HOA to approve your request. With your knowledge of HOA requirements and the advantages of metal roofing, show them that a compromise can be reached, especially when you’re working with an expert roofing contractor.

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