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Kitchen Remodeling Surprises You Should Know

A kitchen remodel is both fun and tiring, as it takes careful planning and consideration to ensure your needs and preferences are met. But sometimes, a few surprises and costs can affect your budget if you don’t anticipate them properly. As one of the leading roofing companies in the area, Oberg Roofing & Remodeling shares some of the surprises you need to prepare for:

Kitchen Remodeling

Paying for Additional Materials/Add-On Services

During your renovation process, you might suddenly need additional materials. For instance, you’ll likely need to buy more cleaning materials due to the amount of dirt and debris coming from the kitchen remodel, even if the hired contractor already does most of the cleaning each day. You may also need to hire additional labor to clean out your ventilation system since it’s filled with dirt and dust from the remodeling process.

Unforeseen Water Damage

Sometimes, when working on a kitchen remodel, your contractor may find water stains on your walls and ceiling. These may come from moldy sheathing or rotted rafters. Either way, it won’t be a simple ceiling repair job, and depending on the damage, it may need immediate attention. Otherwise, the damage can spread and you’ll be forced to pay for a roof replacement!

Termite Infestation

If you have water damage on the walls of your kitchen but are closer to the ground, there’s a chance that they’re infested by pests such as termites. The only way to effectively eliminate this is to take down the affected wall and flooring and remodel that part of the home. This can be costly especially if the problem was only found at the later stages of the kitchen remodel. To avoid unwanted costs, make sure your kitchen space gets a termite inspection before the renovations begin. By catching the problems early on, you can deal with them properly while not going beyond your budget! 

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