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Items To Look For In Your Roofer’s Insurance

How can you gauge a roofer’s integrity? While the quality of the workmanship and the product matter, insurance coverage is an important aspect that you should consider when searching for a roofing contractor. Before the roofing project commences, you need to know what items should be included in the insurance coverage to prepare for any future liability claim.

In today’s post, Oberg Roofing and Remodeling Inc., one of the trusted roofing companies in the area, discusses what to look for in roofing insurance.

Property Protection

There are different kinds of specific property protections. For instance, some re-roofing operation clauses specify coverage in the event of roof repair rather than initial roof construction. It may also include open roof coverage that protects more of the property as a whole during a contracted job.

Limits and Minimums

The majority of corporate entities have an insurance checklist that states required coverage. Knowing the standard amount or limits of liability is then necessary to avoid any false expectations. It’s then best to ask your roof replacement contractor about the specifics. 

General Business Liability

The general business liability insurance will help protect the company’s assets and pay for costs incurred like property damage or injury. It is a typical requirement for any commercial insurance. 

Additional Insured

Large corporate entities looking for a long-term relationship request for them to be named as an additional insured. Smaller clients and private homeowners, on the other hand, are simply looking for proof of insurance. They want to ensure that their property is covered in case of a problem or accident.

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