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Is Frost on My Roof Something to Worry About?

When you notice that frost is starting to cover the ground, you should check your roof and see if it’s accumulating frost as well. While frost on your roof doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem, it could possibly give you a clue on how your insulation is performing. Roof replacement expert Oberg Roofing & Remodeling Inc. shares more information below.

Frost on Your Roof: What Does It Mean?

There’s really nothing to worry about when you find frost on your roof since this is a normal occurrence during winter. Just make sure that your roofing is in top condition, and it would surely be capable of handling frost. Nevertheless, if your neighbors’ roofs have frost and yours don’t or appears spotty, you might want to look into your insulation. Oftentimes, inadequate insulation can cause the heat inside your home to escape through the attic, which could then melt the frost on your roof. Obviously, your roof will be exposed to excessive moisture, so you should eventually watch out for leaks.

What if There’s a Lack of Frost?

While roofing companies do not generally view frost as something to be concerned about, experts recommend being wary about its absence. Depending on the circumstances, the lack of frost on your roofing could mean there is a problem with your insulation. But before checking up on your insulation, try to observe the roofs on neighboring homes as well as their immediate surroundings.

For instance, if other homes in your neighborhood have the same amount of sun exposure on any given day, you can expect to have similar situations in terms of frost on your roofing. But if a particular home in your neighborhood is surrounded by tall trees while your home is directly exposed to sunlight, you can expect the frost on your roof to melt more quickly. In this case, you may have to take extra measures to protect your roof from moisture damage.

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