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How to Protect Your Roof From Storm Damage During Winter

Roofing systems can withstand different kinds of weather events, including harsh winter storms. However, there are weather events during winter that are so severe, they could cause serious damage to any roof. 

Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to ensure your roof will be in good shape in case of a winter storm and minimize any damage that may be caused by the weather. Trusted roof replacement expert Oberg Roofing & Remodeling lists some of them below.

Roof Inspection

Your roof should be inspected regularly so that you always have an updated and comprehensive view of its condition. It’s best to have this done before winter fully arrives so that you can use the findings of the roof inspection in improving and/or fixing your roof. Roof inspections offer a crucial opportunity to discover issues that could potentially weaken your roof, especially during a storm. With this kind of information, you can better prepare your roof and ensure that any repairs will be done before it’s too late.

Weather Updates

Check weather forecasts regularly so that you’ll know when to expect a storm. This would allow you to have ample time to prepare for inclement weather, ensuring that your roof and the rest of your home are in good shape to face harsh weather events. Typically, roofing companies would recommend cleaning out debris on roofs prior to snowfall. Trimming any branches that could land on your roof would also be a good idea.

Attic Inspection

Make sure your attic is also ready to endure a storm. Have your roofer check the space for damage and ensure it is properly insulated. Roof vents should also be functional and in good condition. Any gaps or areas without proper covers should be fixed immediately.

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