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How Strong Winds Can Damage a Flat Roof

A flat roof may look horizontal, but it has a slight pitch that allows water to run off. When you add the element of wind, however, the roof can sustain enough damage to allow moisture to get underneath the roofing membrane. In order to prevent further damage, you must first understand how strong winds can damage a flat roof. A roof replacement company discusses more below. 

How Strong Winds Can Damage a Flat Roof
  • Wind Uplift. This occurs when strong winds get underneath the roofing materials and pull them up, making the roof look like it has wrinkles or bubbles. When the roofing membrane is tugged loose from the surface, rain can seep into the roof and begin to rot out the materials. To prevent wind uplift, the metal edge flashing and fascia should be fastened securely. If these components are exhibiting signs of damage, have them replaced immediately by a skilled roofer.
  • Wind Scouring. Another problem that may affect a flat roof is wind scouring. It occurs when a strong gust of wind pulls off the granules from the roofing membrane or removes the gravel added as a surface component on built-up roofs. While wind scouring shows no immediate indications of damage, it can seriously impact the performance and longevity of your flat roofing. In the end, according to roofing companies, your roof may experience partial or total failure that would result in needing a replacement roof.

The Severity of Wind Damage

There are three factors that determine the severity of wind damage to roofs: wind speed, wind duration, and wind direction. Wind speed refers to how strong and fast the wind is; wind duration implies how long the wind stays in a particular place; and wind direction is whether or not the wind goes against the direction the roofing material is installed.

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