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How Good Roofers Avoid Common Roofing Mistakes

Roof replacement is undeniably a significant project for any homeowner, so it’s a must to ensure that it will be carried out according to industry standards. Of course, the quality of the work depends largely on the products you choose and the installers you hire. That said, you have to make sure that you’re hiring a reputable roofer who will ensure that the job is done properly.




In this post, Oberg Roofing & Remodeling discusses three basic ways that roofing professionals avoid common roofing mistakes.

Ensure Matching Roof Shingles

Good roofers will make sure that no mismatched shingles will be used on your roof. They are able to do this because they deal with the same roofing suppliers. Unlike reliable roofers, unscrupulous roofers tend to get their supplies from multiple dealers, which often causes an inconsistent quality in roofing products.

Correct Use of Roofing Nails

Roofing companies should be careful with how they use nails in securing the roof to the roof deck. There are specific guidelines that need to be followed, especially with regards to the size and use of the roofing nails. Errors in this aspect of the roofing project can lead to the invalidity of your insurance. That’s why reliable roofers take extra care in using nails.

Proper Installation of Underlayment

Any reliable roofer knows the importance of a roofing underlayment. Serving as an added layer of protection against the elements, this water-resistant or waterproofed material must be installed properly. Otherwise, it won’t be able to do its job and protect your roofing against harsh weather. 

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