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Tips for a Cottage-Style Kitchen

The cottage style focuses on creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. It’s known for its rustic look, simplistic design and natural elements. Incorporating this style into your kitchen and the rest of your home will make your living space more welcoming and give it more character.  

How Do You Achieve a Cottage-Style Kitchen?

Here are tips to help you achieve a cottage-style kitchen. 

Use Wood Flooring

A common feature you’ll find in cottage kitchens is wide-plank wood flooring. They come in various paint and stain colors. You can also go with a natural finish if you prefer. Speaking to a remodeling expert will help you determine which flooring option is ideal for your needs. 

Add Patina to Your Space

There are several elements of your kitchen where you can add patina. Sanded paint is great for your floors, cabinets and furniture. 

Consider Small Pane Windows

If privacy isn’t a concern, consider small pane windows and doors for your kitchen. They are a great way to bring a light and airy feel to your space. You can always add curtains if you don’t want the room to be too exposed to the outside world. 

Add Plenty of Cozy Seating

Cottage kitchens are all about comfort. Make the heart of your home more inviting with the addition of comfortable, cushioned seats, a cozy seating area and soft fabrics. 

Create a Calming Color Palette

Light pastels and white are the most frequently used hues in cottage interiors. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some pops of color to your kitchen. You can use bright colors for your cabinets or kitchen island for contrast and dimension. Colorful or patterned curtains will also make your space homier. 

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