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Do You Need to Ground Your Metal Roof Replacement?

Metal is a naturally conductive material for electricity and with a full metal roofing system, a lightning strike will normally ground out throughout the entire structure. That means when lightning strikes your metal roofing system, it won’t damage anything inside your home. If this is the case, do you still need to ground your roof? 

Roof Replacement

Even with steel roofs being highly popular in homes and commercial properties, some people still prefer to get them grounded. While the chances of a lightning strike are the same as with any other roofing system, there are other reasons why you may need to ground your metal roof. 

Consider Your Area’s Topography

The frequency of lightning strikes depends on the area you live in and its typical weather patterns. Lightning tends to strike more frequently in higher places as well as areas that consist of hills and flatlands compared to lowland areas. Metal roofs tend to be common in such areas, as they provide better insulation and protection against lightning strikes. 

Local Building Codes May Require a Grounded Roof

Even if you have a metal roof installed, you might still need a ground if your local area mandates it. Some building codes don’t mandate this, but it’s usually under the assumption that other building codes are being followed. PVC piping, for instance, is used to extend from the interior of the home up to through the metal roof replacement. Metal piping isn’t recommended, as it can become a serious hazard to the home’s inhabitants if lightning strikes. And if the roof isn’t grounded, it can travel down the metal pipe and damage the interior and cause injury to the inhabitants. 

Other Nearby Structures

Grounding your roof may also be needed if you have other metal structures near your roof such as a nearby porch or large yard equipment. This is because a lightning strike may jump to these objects if your roof is ungrounded.

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