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Commercial Roofing Damage and the Common Causes Behind It

There are several factors that can cause damage to a commercial roof. Even if it’s well-built by a trusted professional contractor, factors such as climate, extreme weather, and even nearby foliage can contribute to the damage. The location also plays a key factor in how it can get damaged; for instance, your commercial property may be in an area where there’s constant hail and rainfall, or you might have a big tree nearby with its branches overhanging your roof. 

Commercial Roofing Damage

These are just some of the many factors to consider when figuring out what’s wearing out your roof. As a specialist in residential and commercial steel roofs, Oberg Roofing & Remodeling shares more insight:

Wind Issues

Strong winds can be problematic for roofing products that aren’t installed properly or maintained regularly. Flashing can become a major issue if the wind pressure from the wind causes an uplift. Wind uplift can easily damage the seams and membrane if repairs aren’t done properly. 

High winds during winter can also blow off chimney caps and vents, allowing water to leak through. When the water freezes up during winter, it can freeze and expand, causing more damage to your roofing materials.

Water Leaks

These are some of the most common problems for commercial roofing systems, and they’re caused by faulty flashing in over 90 percent of cases. You’ll find flashing typically installed on curbs, walls, and around protruding objects, but they’re also used as sealants around a pipe coming through a roof. 

There shouldn’t be any leaks when the flashing was installed by a professional roof replacement contractor, but there are some inexperienced roofers who don’t account for the roof’s expansion and contraction due to the elements. 

Pooling Water

This usually happens due to clogged gutter systems, poor roofing design, or both. Pooling water can sometimes be a result of not fully accounting for the roof’s slope, while other times it’s just a clogged HVAC unit. This should be addressed immediately; leaving the pooling water on the roof for too long causes the materials to deteriorate and let water leak through. 

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