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A Comparative Study of the Top 3 Roofing Materials

If all of us had the same type of roof, our world would look so much more boring than it does. Thankfully, in real life, there are just as many types of roofs as there are personalities in people, which adds variety and interest to our world — even in things as seemingly ordinary as roofing.

Roofing, contrary to what you may think, isn’t boring or ordinary at all. In fact, just taking a look at three different roof replacement material options in this blog will show us just how different other various roofing materials can be.

Asphalt Shingle

Perhaps the most common and highly desired type of roof is — and has long been — asphalt shingle. After all, with a service life of (arguably) some 20-30 years, this type of roofing is highly versatile: It comes in a varied selection of colors and profiles and can even be made to imitate other materials. Moreover, it’s not just affordable, it’s easy to install — which is why homeowners generally favor it over other choices of material. However, asphalt shingle will give you the fewest color choices for energy efficiency, as most of its darker colors tend to absorb heat.

Wood Shake

If you’d like to go a more environmentally-friendly route, consider wood shakes. Cedar, in particular, is strong and beautiful and reduces energy consumption. It also contains natural oils that make the material resistant to decay and pests. As a naturally renewable resource with a useful life of around 30 to 40 years, wood is a solid investment in environmental responsibility for many homeowners. Wood is also a natural insulator, helping to maintain temperatures inside the home, which makes these roofs an energy-efficient roofing solution. It is, however, the most expensive option for shingling a roof.


Steel is one of the strongest, most durable building materials. It’s highly resistant to cracking, warping, curling or peeling and is likewise not susceptible to rot, decay, discoloration, mold growth or termite infestation. Known for its ability to stand up to severe weather conditions, long service life is one of the best benefits of steel roofs and one of the main reasons for its growing popularity among homeowners.

Steel roofs are also maintenance free, lightweight and an environmentally friendly roofing option with a low lifecycle cost. A steel roof can help you realize savings as a result of its energy-efficient properties. They have reflective coatings and are therefore considered “cool roofs.“

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