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5 Signs Your Roof Could Be Under-Insulated

Your roof’s insulation acts like a protective blanket that ensures indoor comfort all year round. It is squeezed between the roof surface and the roof deck, serving its purpose of reducing heat transfer. As with the other areas of your home, the roof must have enough insulation as required by code.

5 Signs Your Roof Could Be Under-Insulated

When you feel the chill of winter and heat of summer, even while you are inside your home, it might be time to act. Oberg Roofing and Remodeling Inc., the home of the best roof replacement pros in the area, shares five signs your roof could be lacking the right amount of insulation.

1. Shifts in Temperature

Consistent temperatures throughout your home indicate great roof insulation. It is the opposite when you shiver in the kitchen but feel warm when you enter the bedroom.

2. High Energy Consumption

When you use your HVAC system more often, it could mean the insulation on your roof and the other parts of your home don’t effectively maintain the right temperatures. It may not be noticeable at first, but high energy consumption leads to high energy costs later on.

3. Leaks

Roofing companies like ours know this all too well. Water can find its way in areas where heat escapes from your home, including your roof. Leaks, in fact, are a sign that tells you to consider having your roofing system repaired.

4. Ice Dam

It is another sign of a poorly insulated roof that you should not ignore. It occurs when heat rising from an under-insulated roof melts the bottom snow layer off the roof. Snowmelt then finds its way to the gutters and freezes upon contact with cooler air. Icicles on the roof line indicate ice damming.

5. Cold Interior Walls, Floors and Ceilings

Touching the surfaces of these parts of your home are helpful in determining how well your roof insulates. In general, they should feel warm and dry. Otherwise, it means it lacks insulation. The exterior wall must be cold to the touch, which means insulation keeps warm air inside your home.

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