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4 Most Common Metal Roof Myths

While metal provides benefits that stand out over other known materials like asphalt, tile and wood, it is not without its misconceptions. Our experts break down some of the most common myths surrounding this roofing material and the realities behind each one.

4 Most Common Metal Roof Myths and the Truth Behind Them

1. Metal Roofs Have Limited Design Options

Some homeowners don’t find metal to be a good fit for traditional homes. As the material is fast becoming a popular choice for roof replacement, however, many have recognized the appeal that metal brings to just about any home style. Popular roof design profiles available are the standing seam panels and metal shingles.

2. Metal Roofs Don’t Work Well in Extreme Weather

Metal is known to reflect the sun’s heat back to the atmosphere rather than absorb it. This reduces heat gain during a hot day. Insulation is critical in this regard, where a dense foam with high R-values are installed before the metal roofing is applied.

Moreover, steel roofs protect homes against ice, hail and snow. This is because the material can shed snow quickly, preventing water intrusion that can damage the roof.

3. Metal Roofs Are Noisy

While the material is naturally loud, it does not create any noise when installed. This is all thanks to metal roofs’ solid sheathing attached to the underlayment. This minimizes the noise coming from the rain or normal-sized hail.

4. Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

While metal conducts electricity, the chances of lightning hitting metal roofs are slim. Lightning can strike any material, especially tall structures. Roofing companies also say that if lightning did strike a metal roof, the energy would be dispersed throughout the surface.

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