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Do you need HOA approval for a gutter replacement?

Planning home improvements involve more than just choosing materials, designs and colors. You must also consider if your project requires a permit and HOA approval. Before altering parts of your humble abode, consult the board. Doing so will help you avoid delays and fines.  

HOA Approval: Do You Need It for Your New Gutters?

Read on to find out if your gutter replacement needs HOA approval. 

Do You Need HOA Approval for Replacing Gutters?

Reading the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) will help determine if you need to seek HOA approval for your project. Usually, home exterior renovations — such as painting, roof replacement and gutter replacement — require HOA approval. You can always consult board members if you’re unsure if you need one.

Why Is Pre-Approval Important?

Pre-approval ensures you are not breaking your HOA’s rules and regulations. The board might ask you to put your project to a halt or pay a fine due to non-compliance. To avoid these issues, ensure your gutter replacement meets all HOA requirements before work starts. 

How Do You Get HOA Approval?

The first thing you need to do is get the latest copy of your HOA’s CC&Rs. Read the document carefully, taking note of your project’s requirements. You usually need to submit forms and documents to your HOA board. After your gutter replacement gets approved, the next step is to find a qualified contractor. HOAs typically require homeowners to work with licensed and insured professionals. Moreover, you might also need to submit project plans created by your contractor. 

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