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Common Signs of Damage on Commercial Roofing Systems

It is the responsibility of property owners and managers to schedule roof inspections regularly. Visual checks help in the early detection of issues that could potentially lead to leaks. Following a weather event, it’s also smart to hire professionals to assess the condition of your roof. Quickly addressing issues will help your roof stay in good shape, protect your property better and last longer.   

Here are common signs of damage on commercial roofs. 

Flashing Damage

Prolonged exposure is the most common cause of flashing damage. This component protects parts of the roof prone to water damage, such as vents, pipes and other protrusions. Your roofer can repair minor flashing issues. However, if the damage is extensive, roof replacement may be necessary. 

Standing Water

It’s a good idea to do visual inspections of your roof after heavy rains. Check if water tends to accumulate at certain spots. Often, ponding water is a sign of roof drainage issues. Contact a professional to fix the issue immediately before leaks occur and harm other parts of your property. 

Surface Cracks and Tears

Cracks and tears are more common in aging commercial roofing systems. They tend to develop around 15 years after installation. If you notice irregularities on the surface of your roof, have it inspected and repaired as necessary. 

Dark Stains on Ceilings

Are there damp or dark stains on your ceilings and walls? It could be a sign that your roof is leaking. Schedule an appointment with a roofing professional immediately to fix the leak. Time is of the essence when dealing with this problem because it won’t take long before it causes rot, mold and other issues inside your building.

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