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Common Roofing Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Maintenance, if done properly, can give you the most years out of your roof, and doing it the wrong way can lead to an early failure. In today’s post, local roof replacement company Oberg Roofing & Remodeling shares some of the most common roofing maintenance mistakes that you need to avoid. 

Common Roofing Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Using a Pressure Washer

Cleaning the roof is a good way to help maintain its curb appeal, as well as prevent damage caused by twigs and needles that may get lodged between the shingles. Cleaning the gutters along with the roof can also help keep the former clear and free from overflowing when it rains.

Many homeowners are fond of using pressure washers for general cleaning tasks. While they’re great for cleaning concrete driveways and most types of siding, pressure washers should not be used for cleaning the roof. On steel roofs, it can strip the protective outer coating and expose the bare metal to corrosion. It can also strip the protective granules off asphalt shingles and expose the asphalt layer to UV radiation. A garden hose would be enough to clean most leaves and debris from the roof. If you need to scrub the surface, use a long-handled roof brush.

Postponing Maintenance

If you’re considering postponing your upcoming roof maintenance appointment, you might end up postponing it again. Delaying maintenance appointments will increase the likelihood of minor roofing problems becoming major ones. If you find it difficult to find an available roofing contractor when it’s time for roofing maintenance, consider signing up for a maintenance agreement. It basically pre-books future maintenance appointments during your roof’s life span.

Waiting for Leaks To Happen

Some homeowners are reactive toward roofing problems. They usually wait for a leak, a gaping hole, or another noticeable issue before calling their roofer. It takes a lot to cause real damage to a standard roofing system. Therefore, by the time you notice any of the aforementioned signs, it means the roof is severely damaged. A preventive approach to roof maintenance not only helps prevent major roofing disasters from happening but also keeps repair costs low.

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