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Aluminum or Galvanized Steel: Which One to Get?

Not all metal roofs are created equal. The base metal used, in fact, come from different sources. Two of them, aluminum and steel, are the most common. When considering a roof replacement, which one should homeowners choose? Learn about the key features of each one and the areas they excel in:

Galvanized Steel

This type of metal roofing utilizes a base metal made of traditional carbon and iron steel alloy. Since the alloy, in itself, is prone to corrosion when exposed to the elements, it is coated with another metal for an added layer of protection. In this case, the base metal runs through a zinc coating in a process known as hot-dipping. Said coating is of a certain thickness to give the steel galvanic protection.

Since they don’t require any further coating, galvanized steel roofs are enough to enhance the look of any home. Due to its low cost, it is considered to be the most frequently used material for both residential and commercial applications. With proper maintenance, such roofs are great options against the extreme weather in Minnesota.


In terms of popularity, aluminum as a metal roofing material comes second to steel. Though it is pricier than galvanized steel by about $100 more per square feet, it fares better over its counterpart in terms of durability and performance. In fact, one of aluminum’s notable qualities is its propensity to resist rust, allowing for a longer service life.

Apart from aluminum as the only base metal for this type of roofing, said metal is likewise used as a coating for a base carbon/iron steel, combining it with zinc to create galvalume steel roof. The roofing itself becomes corrosion-resistant because of aluminum, but it only gets barrier protection instead of galvanic. Here, the alloy coating keeps the elements from reaching the base metal.

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