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3 Roofing-Siding Pairs That Go Well Together

The roof does a lot to contribute to your home’s aesthetics. The right color roof can enhance your home’s curb appeal significantly as it accounts for as much as 25 to 40 percent of your home’s visible exterior. That’s the reason why, when you’re considering a roof replacement, finding an ideal color combination for your roofing and siding is essential: it’ll help highlight your home’s beauty. Learn how your home can better achieve visual harmony with the surrounding environment.


Find Your Personality

Interior designers don’t randomly pick out the colors for your home: your flooring, cabinets, countertops and walls are all carefully selected with your personality and tastes in mind. You may see (or imagine) the big picture, but if you want a home that’s put together in the best way, it might be a good idea to turn to your interior decorator to help you achieve it. After all, visual coordination is key and that means that the colors, shapes and forms you select must work together to achieve an appealing whole.

Match Your Exterior

The same is true for your home’s exterior. Certain home styles work better with specific textures and colors to bring out its best features. Often, when we see “ugly” homes, we are sometimes hard-pressed to identify what’s wrong when, really, it’s the incongruencies in style or the mismatch of colors that makes us sense that something is off. To avoid making this mistake, we looked at a few recommendations from the pros in the business. 

Professionals advise, for instance, that you wouldn’t want to match, say, dark brown steel roofs with an equally dark stained wood siding. Consider instead beige siding to provide a mild contrast, or white to give you a more distinct contrast. Pick up your roof colors in your accent trim, your windows or front door to tie in your exterior nicely.

For certain types of architecture, the following roofing-siding pairs are recommended:

  • Grand, stately traditional homes

Roof: black or very dark blends

Siding: white, gray, beige, tan

  • Rustic Southwest homes

Roof: clay tiles, terracotta

Siding: pale gold, antique white, soft peach, and rich amber

  • Subtropical and tropical style homes

Roof: white

Siding: charcoal, apricot, mint, slate or ice-blue or pale honey

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