Guide to Building a Deck in a Community With HOA

Planning to add a deck in your home? For communities under Homeowner Association (HOA), there is a general process for home renovations and improvements. It’s best to learn the overall process of applying for your HOA approval to build your deck. Roof replacement professional Oberg Roofing & Remodeling shares a short guide on building a deck in an HOA community.

Building a Deck in a Community With HOA

Building a Deck for HOA Approval

Generally, HOA has what is called “architectural control” over the properties in their neighborhood. They have policies and rules you have to meet for you to modify your home. This is to make sure that your home renovations comply with the values of your community. For your deck project, you have an application for approval. 

Prepare for HOA Application

To begin your HOA application for your deck project, you have to contact your HOA for the form of application. You can also ask about the process and procedure. Every HOA may differ with its process of approval but generally, you need to apply for review. Your application proposes the exact modification you want for your home or property. 

Most HOAs have their specifications in certain home renovations. It’s best to be familiar with these before handing in your application. Some HOAs have their preferred roofing companies and contractors that meet their strict requirements. Generally, your application should be very detailed from the materials to the workers.

The Decision

Usually, it will take the HOA 60 days to review your application and give you a response. If your application is approved, keep the HOA’s approval in writing for any possible issues in the future. If your application is denied, you can always apply for another one. Check on the reason why they did not approve your application. It helps to observe the other decks in the community to see what the general size and style are.

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