Maintenance for Your Outdoor Cedar Wood Deck

Cedar as a wooden deck material is known for its toughness and durability. But just like other materials, it requires regular upkeep. Otherwise, the deck itself might deteriorate early in its life span. Disregarding it can also lead to frequent and costly repairs, which are mostly avoidable. Check out this simple guide to maintaining your cedar deck. 

A Homeowner's Maintenance Guide on Cedar Decks

What Are Common Issues Associated With Cedar Decks?

Like all wood decks, cedar decking has its drawbacks. Cedar is an extremely durable material, but it is a type of softwood. Although it will not warp and twist like other wood materials, it may become rough. It could also be a splinter hazard for pets and barefooted individuals. 

Moreover, cedar decks can also be discolored by mildew, algae, and moss, causing the material’s finishes to erode. Over time, all finishes applied to the cedar may require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the deck in good shape.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Cedar Deck?

Fortunately, there are many ways you can protect your cedar deck. We list a few tips here:

  • Sweep regularly. One of the quickest and easiest ways to keep your deck in good shape is by sweeping it once or twice per week using a soft push broom. When the time comes to deep clean your deck, you’re not left with a huge mess. By sweeping off dirt and leaves, you prevent the buildup of slippery mildew and ensure you don’t have decaying organic matter beneath the boards. 
  • Wash the deck. Power washing can efficiently deep clean your deck. However, it can also cause damage and degradation, especially since cedar is a soft type of wood. As such, you should try other options when it comes to deep cleaning your cedar decking. Many experts recommend using a cedar-specific cleaning solution or a dish soap and water mixture. When cleaning your deck, don’t forget to include the railings, as they often collect grease and residue from contact with your hands.
  • Stain and seal as needed. Sealing your deck prevents water damage, rot, and pest infestation, while staining enhances the deck’s beauty and offers UV protection. Both can be done every two to three years. Some deck sealants include a stain so you can do both tasks using one product. Since the deck needs to be thoroughly dried before applying these products, the best time to seal and stain your deck is a few days after washing it. 

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