Watch Out for Siding Damage As Winter Draws to an End

Winter is ending soon, but before you can enjoy the warmer weather, it’s important to inspect every part of your home for any possible damage. Your siding, for instance, has been exposed to extremely cold weather and excessive moisture in the past months. Much like steel roofs, it needs to be checked for any issues that may have started in the winter.

In this post, Oberg Roofing & Remodeling Inc. discusses some of the most common types of siding damage that you should look out for as winter draws to an end.

Cracks and Breakage

Vinyl siding usually has a higher risk of cracking and breaking due to sudden changes in temperatures. Cracked or broken panels can no longer be repaired, so replacing these damaged parts is your only option. Don’t worry because you may not need to get a full siding replacement, so the costs would probably be not as expensive. To be sure, consult with professionals and weigh your choices carefully.

Missing Panels

For roofing companies, missing panels could be seen as something like missing shingles. And just like in roofs with missing shingles, missing panels in siding could only mean bad news — your home’s interior has less protection against the elements. Typically, missing or dislodge panels occur because of extreme winds during winter storms. Other times, these could be due to shoddy installation. Call a siding contractor right away to replace the missing panels.

Moisture Damage

Moisture damage could be a culmination of all the other existing issues in your siding. For instance, if your siding has developed cracks, water can easily permeate through these gaps and cause bigger problems. However, if your siding does not have cracks or missing panels, moisture damage can be a little harder to discover. Generally, it would be best to have a professional perform a thorough check. However, you can also try to look for smaller signs like peeling paint or warping. If you find any of these irregularities in your siding, call an expert immediately.

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