Tips for Dealing With a Roofing Emergency

A compromised roofing system can cause leaks and pose risks to your safety. It may also not stand up well against the next storm or rainy days. When your roof experiences damage, make sure to contact a local roofer immediately. Keep in mind that delaying repairs will also cause the problem to get worse.

Get tips on how to deal with a roofing emergency from one of the area’s leading roofing companies.

Dealing With Roofing Emergencies

The first thing you need to do in case of a roofing emergency is to stay calm. Contact your roofer and then your insurer to notify them about the damage. For your safety, don’t attempt to repair or cover the roof yourself. Climbing the ladder and walking the roof is extremely dangerous, especially when the weather is bad.

If your roof suffered from storm damage, your contractor will arrive at your home as soon as the conditions are safe. They will then secure the affected area of the roof with tarps. Your roofer will also determine whether repairs or a complete roof replacement is necessary. While waiting for your roofer, you can take photographs of the damaged roof and write a detailed description of it. You can use these photos and documents when filing an insurance claim.

Situations Requiring Emergency Repairs

A roof can be compromised due to harsh weather, pests, or fire. Windows over 50mph are strong enough to tear shingles from the roof and expose the substrate. Debris or trees may also fall on your roof and cause significant damage. Even if your roof appears to be intact following a storm, it’s still best to have it inspected by a professional. Minor damage, when left unaddressed can cause major problems that can spread to other parts of your home.

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