The Basics of Metal Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance can help extend the service life of your roofing system. However, keep in mind that different roofing materials require different methods of upkeep. Find out more from your trusted roof replacement company Oberg Roofing and Remodeling Inc. about the basics of metal roof maintenance.

The Basics of Metal Roof Maintenance

Safety First

Wait for the perfect weather conditions before doing outdoor work. If it’s too hot or if there’s any amount of rain outside, consider postponing your roof maintenance to a better time. Metal roofs tend to reflect sunlight so try to work on your roof when it’s overcast instead. Even if the conditions permit, get someone else to help you either by handing you the cleaning materials or calling for help should anything happen. Secure your ladder before climbing up and clean only the parts you can reach.

Remember to wear proper gear for this task. If you’re uncomfortable cleaning your roof by yourself, hire a professional to do so. You may consult any one of your trusted local roofing companies for this job.

Pace Yourself

You don’t have to rush to get the job done. Once you’ve strapped yourself into a safety harness, start by clearing a path on the roof. Hose one area down and wait for it to dry before climbing up. As much as possible, avoid using industrial-strength solvents for dirt and discoloration that can be cleaned using a simple mild detergent and water solution.

For stubborn spots, you may use cleaning solutions as long as they are approved by your roof’s manufacturer or installer. If it’s your first time using a particular cleaner, test it out first on a partly hidden area to make sure it works.

With the right methods and cleaning materials, metal roofs are one of the easiest roofing systems to clean. As an expert on steel roofs and related products, Oberg Roofing and Remodeling Inc. is committed to providing excellent roofing solutions. You may reach us at (320) 204-2303. We serve Sauk Rapids, MN.

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