Outdoor Decks: Tips on Prolonging Its Service Life

An outdoor deck extends your living area and can add new life to otherwise unused backyard areas. Given its benefits, you’ll want to prolong its expected life span. In this blog, roof replacement and deck installation contractor Oberg Roofing & Remodeling shares tips on how to prolong your outdoor deck’s service life.

Keep the Deck Clean

As an outdoor installation, decks are subject to the same conditions as your roof and siding. Outdoor decks can be made from different materials, wood and composite being two of the most popular options. Despite the varying maintenance requirements, you should have a regular outdoor deck cleaning routine. It keeps the deck looking good, but more importantly, it helps reduce unsightly stains, which can become difficult to remove the longer it stays on your deck.

Keep It Dry

Wood decks are built using treated wood, which protects the wood fibers the effects of moisture. However, like steel roofs and wood siding, decks are subject to wear and tear. These protective coatings eventually get worn out. And when it does, it’s not as noticeable. Play it safe by keeping the deck as dry as possible. Have a mop stored close by in case someone spills a drink, or if it has just rained.

You can inspect your deck for signs of moisture damage; spots that feel soft can be removed by your bare hands. The deck posts may have water stains. Tap this and other areas with a long-handled tool such as a screwdriver. If pieces fall out, then dry rot may have set in. Contact your deck contractor for repairs. If your deck is up for replacement, consider other materials such as composite.

Choose the Right Cleaning Product

There are various types of deck cleaning products, but there is no single product that will work on all deck materials. What works for wood may not work for composite and vice versa. Consult your deck contractor on which product is best for your deck.

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