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Hello. My name is LaVonne and I’m the Marketing Manager here at Oberg Roofing. My career has been intertwined within the Marketing world for many years. I love the ever changing, creative outlet Marketing provides.
My true passion is giving back. You may hear me describe myself as a “connector”. Why? Because I love gathering people and like minded businesses together so we can grow and make a difference in the community. Giving back and leading with my heart is a must for me! That is one of the reasons I joined the Oberg Family. We are on a mission to be good stewards, mentors and leaders in the communities where we live and work! “You will never regret being kind.”

I have two amazing, grown children. I spend as much time as I can with them & my grand-pups as well as quality time with my friends and family outside or on the water. My 4 favorite words are “I’m free that day!”. Adventure is what life is all about. Grab it. Live it.

I am an avid music lover. If you see me dancing in the car, in the office, down the street or even in a store, just smile & know music makes my heart happy! I’m also a ‘self proclaimed’ rock hound. I love all things rocks, minerals, gems, crystals & fossils. I dig it!

I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to more than 14 different countries and I’m eager, and ready, for my next excursion. Bags packed & I’m Free That Day!

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