4 Strategies for Different Levels of Commercial Roof Damage

Most, if not all, commercial roofs are engineered for durability. However, any roofing contractor will tell you that they are not completely immune to damage. As a building owner or property manager, it is important to have different strategies in place that deal with roofing issues depending on their severity. In today’s post, one of the most trusted roofing companies in St. Cloud, MN, shares the four typical procedures that address a damaged commercial roof.  

4 Strategies for Different Levels of Commercial Roof Damage

1. Repair

This is a cost-effective solution that can address minor damage. A roof can be easily repaired provided that the insulation is in good condition and the roof membrane is intact.

2. Re-cover

Re-covering your commercial roof may be the solution if your insulation remains effective but the roof membrane is in bad shape. This is a process where your roofing contractor puts down a new membrane on top of the old one. It is important to keep in mind, however, that a commercial roof can only be recovered once.

3. Coating

Coating is a practical solution for commercial building owners who want to extend their roof’s serviceable life as well as improve its energy efficiency. Roof coatings are designed to be sprayed or roll-applied to the existing roof’s surface.

4. Replacement

roof replacement is usually the last resort and is only ever considered when the roof has sustained extensive damage. When there are cracks or leaks in several places that can’t be fixed by one-time repairs, your roofer may recommend that you install a brand-new roof.

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