3 Design Tips for Matching Trim with Home Styles

Have you ever looked at your strong entry door and wondered why there is molding around it? Interior trim, also called millwork, is used to frame doors, windows, floors, walls, and even ceilings. It’s installed by experienced roofing companies as bridging material between the features and small openings. It also acts as a finishing touch to help define the architectural style of your home. A carefully picked trim can transform the overall look and character of a room.

Express Your Individuality With Bohemian Style

Bohemian rooms are eclectic and cozy. This popular style aims to mirror the natural environment and how people communicate with it. It often features socially unconventional design choices and artful pieces from different cultures and parts of the world. Most of the time, Bohemian-influenced rooms have hints of exotic or old European, so traditional trim styles work best. You can add flair with mitered door casings and rounded full-bodied crown moldings.

Create the Perfect Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse decor highlights comfort and casual living, boasting the right balance between a relaxed pastoral life and rich, cultured experience. A modern farmhouse has contemporary sensibilities, so your go-to trim options should be painted with tones of white. With the help of an experienced roof replacement company, you can come up with the perfect decoration style.

Highlight Utilitarianism With a Vintage Industrial Room

Vintage industrial style approaches design in a raw, utilitarian manner. It combines the charming appeal of vintage architecture with traditional building materials such as exposed beams and brick heating ducts. Metal roofs can sport copper material to complement the usual deep red shades found on walls. Since this style is composed of reclaimed wood and functional metal, flat casings and panel moldings will match its look best.

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